iCBT Program for Chronic Pain

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The Wilderman Medical Clinic is a pain clinic operating in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team collaborated to create the first online cognitive behavioural therapy program for chronic pain patients to access free of charge.

The team for this project consisted of Dr. Wilderman (Pain Physician and Medical Director), Dr. Belyakova (Clinical Psychologist), Rachel Berkovich (Research Assistant) and Natalya Chilina (Web Designer & Developer).

Dr. Igor Wilderman – Pain Physician and Medical Director

Dr. Wilderman is a Pain Physician and the Medical Director at the Wilderman Medical Clinic, a chronic pain clinic. He has been operating clinics since 2004, providing a wide range of services for patients with acute and chronic pain. Many of the patients he has seen over the years have suffered from psychological ailments, as there is a strong tie between pain and psychological suffering. He has witnessed the dire need for a multidisciplinary approach to pain treatment, including psychotherapy, and more importantly – cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Dr. Wilderman provided the drive for the creation of this internet CBT (iCBT) program as he was passionate about creating a platform for his patients to easily access psychotherapy online, at no cost.

Dr. Wilderman

Dr. Igor Shamis Wilderman, MD, CCFP, FCFP, DAIPM, DCAPM, Medical Director & Pain Physician

Dr. Nina Belyakova – Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Belyakova is a registered psychologist with the Canadian Psychological Association. She provided her extensive knowledge and expertise to formulate the backbone for the iCBT program. She is highly trained and skilled in cognitive behavioural therapy. Dr. Belyakova used her theoretical knowledge in conjunction with her clinical skills and patient experience to help format each module of the iCBT program.

Rachel Berkovich – Research Assistant

Rachel is a research assistant at the Wilderman Medical Clinic. She has her Honours degree in Psychology, specializing in abnormal psychology, and is going on to pursue a Masters in Social Work this fall. Under the guidance of Dr. Belyakova, Rachel helped create the iCBT program in its entirety. Having worked with Dr. Wilderman for many months, Rachel was also aware of the need for an accessible platform assisting chronic pain patients with their mental health debilitations. This inspired her to put forth her best efforts to help create a monumental tool providing CBT to those who need it but have difficulty accessing an in-person therapist due to cost or other extraneous variables.

Natalya Chilina – Web Designer and Developer

Natalya is the Web Designer and Developer for the Wilderman Medical Clinic. She was the driving force behind crafting the modules of the iCBT program intricately onto the web. It is with Natalya’s direction that the iCBT program is up and running at its fullest capacity.

Natalya Chilina- Web Designer and Developer

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